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    So when John mocks Andrew about "missing the big meet," he probably had no idea what kind of pressure cooker Andrew was living in — and how the environment turned Andrew into a bully. It's a letdown to see her conform. This was a subject I've not seen from a Hollywood film before -- young couples in their early twenties acting as adults and hoping for long-term commitment, fighting the good relationship fight against hormones and the need to reach out beyond a standard, committed coupling. It shows the toxic culture in male sport If you haven't participated in school athletics in recent years, you might not know just how intense they can be. But as an adult it's especially terrifying, as the abuse he describes can cause severe emotional, mental, and physical trauma. Did I not catch references to their deeper lives? Claire is clearly — and rightly — grossed out, as she replies, "He's an adult," and points out that he's also married.

    Sex and breakfast sex scene

    Andrew, on the other hand, must have been smoking something else in the foreign language room. It's a letdown to see her conform. But as an adult so many years later, you can really appreciate her look. I wanted to like these characters, laugh with these characters, and most of all, understand their struggles - with their young relationships and all the barbs that entails. Did I not catch references to their deeper lives? For one, John mocks Brian pretty ruthlessly for being a virgin, making him feel undesirable and unmanly, equating sexual conquest with masculine prowess. That said, it barely scoots by, as the only identifiable time when Allison and Claire talk to each other about something other than men is at the end, during the makeover scene. It passes the Bechdel Test YouTube It's impressive that a film made in not deliberately about women managed to pass the Bechdel Test. Maybe an upper like cocaine or methamphetamine would cause that response, but certainly not marijuana. She was totally unique in her appearance, exuding a mysterious and artsy air. But as an adult who's endured the pressure of varsity competition, or perhaps as the parent of a young student athlete, you know just how exhausting some of those school sports can be, and not just physically. It dealt thoughtfully with themes like alienation, family dysfunction and abuse, peer pressure, and societal expectation, showing just how difficult the high school experience could be. Allison's line about rape is disturbing YouTube When you're young, you might not understand the machinations at work that perpetuate rape culture. John Bender's trauma is real John Bender's home life sounds genuinely miserable to anyone watching the film. You think anyone is gonna take your word over mine? Later, he asks her if she wants to see a picture of "a guy with elephantitis of the nuts" and asks her if she would date a man like that, noting that his testicles would have to ride shotgun. It's not uncommon at all for a single bad grade to feel like the herald of imminent, academic failure, so the pressures faced be overachieving academics should be taken quite seriously. But he's also a dangerous man who could be arrested and charged for the way he treats John Bender. That was the impetus to torture Larry Lester and tape his buttocks together for the amusement of his father and teammates, who approve of the behavior even though it's abusive. That's some very disturbing verbal abuse to witness and endure. As it stands, I felt more confused about who they were or what they wanted at the end than at the beginning. He starts right off the bat, suggesting that they close the door and "get the prom queen impregnated. If you say you have, you're a slut. For a film that focuses so directly on two relationships, I wanted to dig as deeply into their lives as possible. There are many too many brow-furrowing moments just like this.

    Sex and breakfast sex scene

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      Principal Vernon could be arrested for abuse Principal Vernon is the villain of the movie, and is fleshed out as an entitled, condescending, and bitter person who resents his students and his station in life.

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      For a film that focuses so directly on two relationships, I wanted to dig as deeply into their lives as possible.

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