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    Domestication of goats, sheep or cows reflects an understanding of the role of sex in producing animals with desired characteristics, such as docility, herd behaviour and fatty milk. Like many other scientists, Chapais interprets the very peculiar mating habits and family structures of humans as outcomes of standard processes of natural and sexual selection that favour particular mating strategies for animals with particular niches and needs. However, there are traces of the cognitive development of humans that afford interesting clues. Survival of the fittest, indeed. Understanding that sex makes babies has allowed us to create social norms and expectations about when and with whom we reproduce that biologically driven behaviour alone could never have done. What is the difference between mental attraction and physical attraction? For some, it may be that we are trying to avoid loneliness.

    Realize sex

    Reproductive consciousness enables a calculation of relationships and reciprocity that is impossible for other animals. I will also note that the Code of Ur-Nammu , written around BCE and one of the oldest known written text, deals largely with deflowering, offsprings produced by a couple of slaves, by a couple formed of a slave and a free person etc. By contrast, scientists have successfully removed some other old-timey necessities from human reproduction. How we can develop wise speech and listening with an awakened heart. We hope you enjoy the offering. How does this cause harm? Because any meaningful answer to the latter seemingly presupposes wrongly in my opinion the existence of a mechanism to ascertain if a non-human animal has made an abstract connection in the scientific consensus, I will simply note that paternal care is rare among non-human primates and apparently non-existent among our closest kin and so that the connection between sexual activity and fecundation is in all likelihood a learned fact, not part of our core evolved cognitive abilities. We humans do many things that undermine our evolutionary interests. Acknowledging the centrality of reproductive consciousness to so much of our past as well as our present gives us a novel way to reframe how we explain much of human behaviour. At some point people also understood that selective pollination could drive a food crop in a particular direction as well — seeds that all ripen at the same time, seeds that stay on the plant until the farmer wants to harvest them, seeds that taste better, and so forth. Invites you to investigate how the teachings sit in your life, and how they are working for you. She teaches; adult and teen weeklong silent retreats, day longs and weekly classes, and works with at risk youth and non at risk youth in institutional and school settings. Farmers realised that parent animals with these traits would be likely to produce offspring with the same traits, and this would have informed their decisions about which animals they would allow to reproduce. Socially enforced incest taboos keep fathers from monopolising daughters who would do better, for the family, if they married and reproduced with someone outside the family instead. Thus, evolutionary psychology and evolutionary theory more broadly has a clear theoretical box for human sexuality: This is probably incorrect. The standard evolutionary interpretation of human incest taboos runs like this: Perhaps it was some of both. How can I be more clear? Just how far back to push that purposeful impact we make on ourselves might never be known. Any synthetic human genome will be constrained by what works for Homo sapiens and what has worked for more than 3. We share many genes even with fruit flies, but we share far more with non-human primates. This strongly suggests that the connection between sex and procreation was perfectly well understood by the writers of this code. But we do know that each is ancient, and was present worldwide when European explorers first encountered and reported on isolated indigenous peoples. On the surface, this looks akin to human behaviour, minus all the elaborate consequences of human paternity. Do I alter or change myself to fit another?

    Realize sex

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      We have a great deal of evidence from ethnographic sources that, while the male role in reproduction seems to be universally acknowledged, the precise details of this vary widely from culture to culture. Reproductive consciousness is a powerful context for boosting male-female cooperation, even beyond mates and into adult brother-sister relationships — effectively a uniquely human phenomenon.

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      At some point people also understood that selective pollination could drive a food crop in a particular direction as well — seeds that all ripen at the same time, seeds that stay on the plant until the farmer wants to harvest them, seeds that taste better, and so forth. This is a self—paced programme that you can work through as your daily life allows.

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      However, such taboos can be just as robustly interpreted as a product of our reproductive consciousness, which in turn has influenced cultural norms. We have had thousands of students take our courses online.

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