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    Almost a year upon working there, in the cold darkness of February, me and my high school boyfriend of two years broke up. They were bouncing up and down on my chest with wild abandon as Max ran across the field. The two of them whistled as I stood there shivering, clad only in my underwear. At the same time he hammered his hips forward, and drove the final inch of cockmeat into my tortured cunt tunnel. His hand rubbed up and down my bare leg as he grinned at me. They were the other three German Shepherds we kept around the farm. One day as I was out riding in the empty outer fields, the stimulation of the bouncing around on horseback started giving me erotic ideas. I fell back to my knees and he stopped growling. I thought he was going to push it inside me, but instead he slid it up along my slit, over my pussy hair, and onto my abdomen and belly.

    Farm girls sex stories

    My feet left the floor and my entire weight came down on my hips mashing against the side of the sink, and my shoulders and face pressing into the mirror. My back arched as I sought mindlessly to rise from the table. Horses are as high maintenance as people, if not more. I tried to rise only to be nipped back into place by his sharp teeth. I knelt on top of Max, my legs drawn up under my ass cheeks, my crotch open wide, and the dildos already half way up me, shoving four inches deep into my pussy and asshole. His cock slid deep inside me and he immediately began humping me. I reflect on how this was the hardest task when I began this job over 6 months ago, remembering each of the giant animals names, remembering who I had to move first in order to avoid a horse traffic jam. Then the fat head, greased with his pre-cum, was pushing aside my cuntlips. It would have been less of a scandal if I'd gotten pregnant. My cunt tunnel bulged outward around his piercing organ, bulged aside into my intestines and colon, bulged wide, shoving aside other organs as it tried to hold the giant cock without tearing. Only the two rods embedded in my groin, and churning my guts into a pulpy mass, kept me from flying from the saddle. Dog cum dribbled from my asshole and cuntslit as I walked Screwing the dogs got to be a habit with me for a while. When he stood there naked, I tried to avert my face, but my eyes were held by a huge erect cock sprouting forth from beneath his fat belly. When only the first inch was inside, I slid back down, loving the erotic stimulation of the soft rubber sliding against my pussy walls. My little holes were skewered repeatedly and my mind wallowed in the ecstatic feelings shivering up and down my spine. He grabbed my thighs, his fingers digging painfully hard into my flesh. I knew how they did it, though I had never heard of them doing it with a person before. Daringly I took off my shirt top and bra. I specifically remember one day when I was doing my usual task of mucking the paddocks, and a sad song came on my iPod. Slowly my trembling fingers began to unbutton the front of my dress. When I finally managed to heave myself upright and take a few tentative steps, I noticed that I was walking instinctively bow legged. His thumb rubbed away at the entrance to my cunt, pushing down with more and more pressure until it was buried to the knuckle. I began losing all control of my body as I shook and trembled through orgasm after orgasm. I was so excited that I knelt there in the blowing grasses, watching the clouds blow by overhead, and rubbed my little cunny to orgasm. My own breathing was getting heavier as well.

    Farm girls sex stories

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      My pussy was already starting to spurt juices as I slid the rubber all across my body, paying particular attention to my titties which were extremely sensitive.

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